Thursday, 17 September 2015

A Young Boy

All I am going to share is a story of boy Jay.
A true success story from his childhood to the time he died.
Jay (My Character) was born in a beautiful city Jammu and Kashmir. A middle class family with 3 members in total Rajesh (Jay's father) and Geeta (Jay's mother). His story began from Punjab where he started his education.
According to you, what is success?
For me and my friend Jay it is something that brings happiness and a feeling of proud. Something that brings a sensation in you that you are something. That you are valuable. If you get this feeling anywhere, any-time, believe that you have successfully achieved something.
Since Jay was not from Punjab his 1st challenge was to learn Punjabi. He scored 40 out of 100 in his exams and was really sad. Here it is important to recognize the terms " hard-work" and "efforts". He started working hard. After all his efforts he scored 82. Wow, a really happy moment for him. He was feeling successful for the 1st time. Teachers were amazed at such a change and improvement in so much small time. Most of us might be happy and stop here. but here comes the difference between success and successful. Jay didn't stop here. He worked harder this time and was able to score 92/100. Now, that is what we call achievement.

Small Time Success can be easily attained but maintaining it makes success a big Achievement. 

                                                                                                                                    - Suju