Sunday, 20 September 2015

Does success means winning?

Now, I hope all of us are familiar with the nature of Jay (For reference read my previous post at

Jay is now in 5th standard, studying in Delhi Public School. For the 1st time school was organizing a race of 7 km. Everyone was allowed to participate right from the 1st standard to 12th standard. But it was obvious that young kids like those in 1st to 7th couldn't run for 7 km. So, the game was for seniors ( at least in the minds of most of the students). Top 15 runners would be awarded.
But the interesting part of the game was that when you are running, beautiful school girls were there to support players and give them drinks.
Jay wanted to participate because he wanted to look hero in front of a girl (volunteer and classmate) named Nehali Jain. So, he started to practice hard. Every morning and evening he used to run. Although, everyone thought it was impossible for 11 year boy to complete the race.
Well, the race begun and Jay was initially for 1st two kilometres in top 5. But as soon as race continued,he began to exhaust. He wanted water and to his surprise he was offered water by one of the volunteers. Without looking who the person was he drank the glass of water and started running again. Finally, Jay reached the destination. The results were announced and to his surprise he came 16th. Not expected earlier but now he was feeling sad. A little more effort and he would have won. The story didn't end here " Picture abhi baki hai mere dost"As he was going home, a girly voice reached his ears saying "You ran very well, better luck next time. I think you can win this race".
When Jay looked at her,that girl was Nehali and this was the time Jay realized she was the same girl that offered him water when he was running. Jay was so happy that he could fly with happiness. This happiness  gave a feeling of joy and pleasure, a feeling of success.


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